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RAP4 Mag Fed Mobile At Decay Of Nation 2013

RAP4 Mag Fed Mobile At Decay Of Nation 2013

RAP4 is proud to announce that the Magfed Mobile is going to roll up to Decay of Nations THIS WEEKEND! We're proud to respond to popular demand by rolling out our Magfed Mobile delivery truck at this awesome event...

...and you can count on it being packed - packed! - with 468s, DMags, Tacamo Magfed Conversion Kits, and the most realistic accessories available!

Decay of Nations is a weekend-long scenario event that unfolds across the world-renowned playing fields of SC Village near Corona, California. The game pits elements of the One World Force against the Environmental Defense Militia, with missions and objectives that move teams swiftly through an evolving plot. With storylines that matter and challenges that test more than just your trigger finger, it is the perfect event for our magfed players.

Expect to see the giant Magfed Mobile roll up early and stay late through the weekend, unloading a steady stream of 468s for you to try, to buy, and to dream about. With their generous amount of RIS rails, you can attach just about any RIS-interface accessory to a 468...which makes them easily adaptable to close quarters battle at night in urbanized terrain, long range sniping across open spaces, and executing demolitions-type missions against hardened targets.

Dedicated players can even modify different 468 upper receivers with barrels, handguards, sights, and a wealth of accessories that adapt them to different specific roles. When a new mission comes in and you need to adapt on the fly, reconfiguring your 468 is as easy as pushing two receiver pins, swapping the upper receiver (with its barrel and accessories), and pushing the pins back in place. It takes about as long as reading that sentence...so you can get back in the game with a completely mission-adapted marker before your opponents can even reload.

Be sure to stock up on DMags early in Decay of Nations, as we'll have a sweet deal on them...and when the paint starts flying, you'll want as many spare loaded magazines in your vest as you can fit. At just a few dollars each, these revolutionary magazines can fill your load-out without draining your wallet. Reload them on the fly, or keep enough on hand to get through several back-to-back missions...either way, you'll appreciate their light weight and durable construction.

So get your team squared away, and we'll see you at SC Village this weekend when you deploy to Decay of Nations!

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