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RAP4 Mag-Fed Movement Tour

RAP4 Mag-Fed Movement Tour

**tour has been postponed until further notice** MAG-FED MOVEMENT Tour! Yes, you heard it here first. RAP4 is proud to be kicking off our first Mag-Fed Movement Tour starting this November 1st. We will be bringing mag-fed to the MASSES! Join us with our Mag Fed Movement as the Mag Fed Mobile coasts across the nation. Love mag fed? Join us! Want to know what mag fed is? Join us! The Mag Fed Mobile will be equipped with the latest mag fed innovations and you may get to try out them too. Let’s show the paintball world what mag fed is all about – it is as real as it gets!!

The sport of paintball has changed throughout the years and is no longer what it was years ago. We want to show how it has changed and what can be expected in the future – with magazine fed. This is the first ever Mag-Fed Movement Tour, and as ambassadors and game-changers of the mag fed sport, this tour will be the ultimate event that you do not want to miss! There will be many giveaways, contests, raffles, games, product demos, missions, and more at various locations! Get pumped out and see you all at the nearest paintball field and shop!!

We will be stopping at paintball fields and stores across the US. Want us to stop at your local paintball field and store? Simply go onto our Facebook page and tell us where YOU want us to go! Once the dates and locations will be released, it will be updated on the Facebook page and website. However, if there are fields and stores that are near our tour route, we may be able to swing by and make a visit! Please add us as a friend on Facebook – if you have not already-- to get the latest information! Join the Mag-Fed Movement!

Can’t get enough of mag-fed? Once the tour kicks off, you can follow us in many ways: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram!

Bringing mag-fed to the MASSES! Mag-Fed is taking over! Skill. Honor. Fight. As Real As It Gets®!

2013-10-4 17:26:52