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RAP4 Mag-Fed Texas Road Trip

RAP4 Mag-Fed Texas Road Trip

RAP4 has hit the road to Texas for this weekend’s HALO 2552 scenario game, inspired by the video game and produced by the legendary Viper Paintball at TXR Paintball near Cypress, Texas. While preregistration is closed, we’ll welcome morning-of registrants…and there’s just enough time to get your gear sorted and head for field. Whether you’re bringing a MagFed marker or a traditional one, whether you can make it for the whole weekend or just Saturday, we want to see you there…and welcome you to our booth.

Our man Jason has a cool tour of what we’re bringing to the field…which includes an early look at the RAP4 exclusive All Terrain Pattern (ATPAT) camo gear! We set up our booth at our warehouse to make sure we’ll have room for all the vests and pouches, remote lines and boxes and boxes of mags we’re bringing to Texas. It all fits…but barely.

Check out that wall of 468s, and of MKP-II conversions! Jason and Patrick have worked up a few custom builds from our MKP-II MagFed Conversion Kits to show players what they can make with the MKP-II MagFed Conversion Kit and the Tippmann (or other leading woodsball gun) they already own.

If you bring an A5, Phenom, or other select woodsball marker to HALO 2552, we can even help you install your old marker’s internal parts into the MagFed Conversion Kit and send you out to the field straightaway. The MKP-II kits utilize your gun’s existing internal parts, so that you retain the legendary reliability and dependable operation of your Tippmann (or BT, or US Army, or…) paintball gun, but gain the advantage of rocking a genuine MagFed design. Plus, the MKP-II bodies are designed to be true to firearm design in looks, feel, and ability to be accessorized, so that your MKP-II will be more realistic than your original gun.

Which means that it’ll be perfect for dominating the intensely mil-sim HALO 2552 game!

And if you arrive on Friday, you can even test our rental 468s (or your own MagFed marker) in dedicated MagFed Only Games. The RAP4 staff is working with Viper Paintball and TXR Paintball so that we can host some exciting, and totally free, MagFed Only Games on the most exciting fields on Friday evening. Use these games as research for how the fields play. Use them to prepare your squad, test your gear, and run some plays.

Or play just for the fun of rocking the most realistic paintball anywhere. Then on Saturday, see how good you really are in Viper Paintball’s dramatic HALO 2552!

We’ll see you there.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-04-08 17:49:59