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RAP4 Marker Transport Bag, the perfect way to transport and protect your gear!

RAP4 Marker Transport Bag, the perfect way to transport and protect your gear!

RAP4 is proud to introduce the RAP4 Marker Transport Bag, the perfect way to transport and protect your gear! Made of incredibly tough nylon with ample padding, these clever bags offer the ultimate transport and storage solution for your gear!

Our engineers designed the RAP4 Marker Transport Bag around a huge central compartment that zips open all the way and lies nearly flat. This is where your marker rests, with barrel and folding stock attached. High strength nylon straps secure the marker within the soft, padded compartment to protect it and offer superb balance when carrying the case. Extra barrels and accessories can be stored in this compartment as well, though there are two places that are even better for them.

Each bag comes with a full-size accessory storage area separated from your marker by padding. Designed with hook-and-loop swatches for installing pockets, securing straps, and affixing nameplates to discretely identify your bag (or organize your hook-and-loop ID panels), this accessory storage area is also perfect for storing your jersey, batteries, spare socks, squeegees, and other gear.

On the opposite side is a wide, slightly shorter, full-length compartment designed for hauling five pods and other gear. Use it to store a tank and remote line, loaded pods, spare CO2 12grams, hopper, detachable accessories... Each RAP4 Marker Transport Bag also comes with a sling-style, adjustable-length shoulder strap for hands-free carrying of the bag and its valuable contents.

The biggest convenience of integrating your RAP4 Marker Transport Bag into your equipment complement is that you can store every essential you need in one bag. Use a carabiner to clip your goggles to the strap, and your essential gear is handily contained in one bag...so that early on Saturday morning you can just grab it and go. Lighter than a foot locker, way better for your marker than jamming it in with loose gear, the RAP4 Marker Transport Bag stores your essentials in one pre-packaged, ready-loaded, easily-carried bag. Stash it by the door, put it in the car, and ride to the field. You can wake up later.

Protect your Tippmann and tourney markers in the 24" RAP4 Marker Transport Bag. Protect your RAP4 Gen7 markers, Tacamo markers, and other full-length markers in the 36" RAP4 Marker Transport Bag.

Check out the additional gear options when you buy your next marker through RAP4 to get a special packaged deal! RAP4 makes it easy to protect your investment, and keep your gear organized.

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