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RAP4 MOLLE Vests - The Ultimate in Custom Apparel!

RAP4 MOLLE Vests - The Ultimate in Custom Apparel!

RAP4 is proud to introduce the ultimate in custom apparel: the MOLLE tactical vest, as made perfect by RAP4.

The US military uses Modular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment (MOLLE) to enable soldiers to carry large amounts of gear, then reorganize their payload to accommodate changing conditions and different missions. It starts with a vest
that closes with a sturdy zipper and snugs down tight beneath quick-detach buckles. Then you add MOLLE-interface pouches, holsters, and other equipment custom-suited to your style...and your mission.

In designing your perfect MOLLE paintball rig, start with as many pods as you like - replace the belt/harness system with the vest, and free yourself up to run faster even as you carry way more gear. The vest distributes the weight
evenly across your shoulders, and the unique MOLLE system lets you put pods and pouches on your back or chest, on your sides, or slung down low.

When your mission calls for radio contact, there's the MOLLE Radio/Walkie Talkie Pouch that you can put on either shoulder...or anywhere else. Need to carry a map? There's a pouch for that. There are pouches for bladder-style
paintgrenades, and just about everything else - including M4/M16 magazine pouches for your T68 mag-fed marker, and pistol magazine pouches for your RAP226, Tippmann TPX, or Tiberius Arms paint pistol.

Need to carry maps, ID, a cable squeegee, small toolkit, large tool kit, water, CO2 cartridges, HPA tanks, or a holstered paint pistol? There are snap-closed pouches, zippered pouches, and Velcro pouches for all of that...and holsters,

As your mission changes, you can change your vest - from running light and fast with a radio and maps, to suiting up with hundreds of extra paintballs and a spare HPA tank for a heavy gunner's mission. Just swap out the pouches,
rearrange them as you like, and feel the way the MOLLE vest distributes the load comfortably across your body.

Best of all, you can match any environment and coordinate with the rest of your camo or team uniform. RAP4 offers 21 different patterns for MOLLE vests and accessories, from ACU and Desert Digital to Mossy Oak� and Tiger Stripe. Buy your
favorite pouches in an assortment of patterns, and you'll be ready to change chameleon-like from urban camo, to desert, to woodland...or even suit up in all blaze orange when it's your turn to be the referee!

The MOLLE vest system offers you the ultimate in custom apparel, because you can build it up into exactly the load-bearing tool you need...and then reconfigure it a thousand times at will. RAP4 provides you a tremendous advantage in
using this dynamic system, by offering both mil-spec and paintball-custom pouches and holsters for MOLLE vests.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!.