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RAP4 @ Paintball Extravaganza 2012

RAP4 @ Paintball Extravaganza 2012

RAP4 just returned from the Paintball Extravaganza 2012, where our hot new gear was the talk of the industry! It will take weeks to clean all the fingerprints from our new mag-fed Barrett M82A1 marker - which is officially licensed by Barrett, so we can reproduce it for paintball as an exact replica - and all of the Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits. People couldn't get enough of this new gear, and dreaming of all the possibilities our latest mag-fed technology will bring to life this year!

Our 100 round, spring-fed drum magazine was especially popular. Designed to work with any of our mag-fed markers by simply installing it like a magazine, it can hold 100 conventional paintballs, or accept First Strike and other shaped projectiles.

We displayed some extremely popular paintball squad machineguns, like the RAP4 M60, RAP4 M240, and RAP4 M249 markers, and outfitted them with the hot RAP4 Box Magazine! This motorized magazine replicates the ammunition box found on many squad machineguns in the field, but contains internals that are specifically suited to paintball: a Nautilus Drive motor that pushes paint from the 250 round reservoir into your marker via the magazine well. This gives players the true-to-life ammunition capacity to feed these paintball squad machineguns, while also giving the reliability, dependability, and anti-chop protection only found with force-feed technology!

That same idea - of pushing a stack of paintballs into your marker and holding them under consistent tension so they don't roll out of the chamber or get chopped by the bolt - is part of what is powering our industry's magazine-fed revolution. Even more excitement comes from the thrill of playing with the most realistic paintball guns available, which we make possible through our extensive product line of mag-fed markers that reproduce the look, feel, natural point of aim, and controls of military-spec arms.

Which is why we were flooded with people at Paintball Extravaganza who came to check out the Tacamo MKP markers and see how we utilize RAP4 Flexi-Air technology to get rid of external steel braided hoses, get air tanks off of markers and safely onto your back (connected via a remote line discretely interfacing with the mil-sim stocks), and create the most realistic mag-fed experience possible...

...while retaining the internal parts of trusted markers like the Tippmann X7 Phenom and Tippmann A5.

We even unveiled the new direction for mag-fed paintball: the D-Mag, which is designed to interchangeably accept First Strike and other shaped rounds, as well as standard paintballs...in an all-new magazine that holds paint in a vertical column for utmost reliability. The D-Mag has a unique activation mechanism that means you won't accidentally spill any more magazines while tucking them into your vest...and you won't feel as bad dropping them on the field as you charge, with how little this new technology costs per magazine!

How'd we make a better product that's a fraction of the cost of the established technology? Our engineers are awesome...and they're players, too!

Check out the latest news, product releases, and giveaways at www.rap4usa.com. That's also where you'll hear even more about our new products for 2012!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!