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RAP4 Paintball Photo Contest Winner

RAP4 Paintball Photo Contest Winner


RAP4 is proud to congratulate Nikos Kostakos of Piraeus, Greece, on winning the RAP4 Photo Contest! Nikos emerged the victor by racking up the most valid "Likes" for his paintball photo on RAP4's page during the contest period. For his dedication to spreading some paintball love, we're glad to send him a free set of RAP4 BDUs.

Nikos picked a set of MARPAT BDUs (called "cammies" by Marines) in the US Marine Corps camo pattern, and they're already in the mail! These awesome Marine Pattern cammies feature rip-stop construction, reinforced elbows, concealed buttons...and that unique MARPAT design that blends beautifully into wooded environments.

Do you know about the other cool thing about the MARPAT design, which the Marines actually engineered into this pattern? The bad guys can't see you in nature...but in person or against a solid color background, there is absolutely no mistaking MARPAT for any other camo pattern in use by any other service. When you want to disappear in the brush, and make a statement when you come back out, RAP4's MARPAT is the camo to choose.

Nikos's prize package includes a matching pair of MARPAT pants that feature reinforced knees, adjustable waist tabs, drawstring leg ties, and a reinforced seat that won't split as he crouches into a ready position! With six pockets, there is plenty of room...and plenty of life in those rip-stop, reinforced pants!

Want to check out all of the other paintball photos Nikos competed with? Perhaps see how yours stacked up in the rankings, or get some great ideas for accessories to drape on your marker? Be sure to check out RAP4's Facebook page, and "Like" us to get access to exclusive contests, information, and giveaways. We have two contests going right now, even...but you have to "Like" the Facebook page to learn more!

So congratulations, Nikos Kostakos of Piraeus, Greece. Now wherever you play in your RAP4 MARPAT cammies, you're going to stand out in the crowd before you disappear in the woods. Make us proud!

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