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RAP4 Portable DVR Law Enforcement

RAP4 Portable DVR Law Enforcement

The RAP4 Portable DVR provides video backup that you can trust - in the darkest night, riding beside you on patrol, or in your hand at the scene of the crime.

With eight infrared illuminators around the wide-angle lens, the RAP4 portable DVR records clear video in absolute darkness...and since the infrared light is undetectable to the human eye, there is no light to blind you, interfere with your ability to see with your unaided eyes, or give away your position.

The suspects will never even know there's a camera recording their every move...and every word.

The RAP4 Portable DVR features crystal-clear sound recording, to provide a complete record of events or take down your observations and audio notes as you survey a crime scene.

Features of the RAP4 Portable DVR include:
-Eight IR illuminators to record high contrast video in absolute darkness
-Real Time and Date display options
-Resolution of 640x480 pixels at 30 frames per second
-Repeat storage by section, 2 minute sections
-Cigarette lighter power adapter included
-Wall charger included
-Rechargeable battery
-Records to interchangeable SD cards

Each RAP4 Portable DVR ships with a suction cup mount to attach to the windshield of your patrol car. Use the compact camera to replace old, bulky dashboard-mounted cameras, or as a backup for your grill-mounted camera. They are small and light enough to hide away in the rear to monitor events behind your car, or attach to the spit-guard to provide video and audio recording of suspects' behavior in the backseat. Power the camera with the cigarette lighter power adapter, which is included with each RAP4 Portable DVR!

When you need to survey a crime scene, observe another officer's arrest, or gather evidence in the field, detach the camera from its mount and the rechargeable battery will give you plenty of recording time as you use the camera like any other compact digital video recorder.

The audio and video record in .avi format, which is readable by every computer, and is recorded to interchangeable SD cards. Use different cards like video cassettes, or install a 32gb SD card and record for days without another worry. When you need to download files, remove the SD card and insert it into your card reader, or hook the camera up to your computer directly with the USB cables provided with each camera.

When you need to record in the darkest night, as well as broad daylight, you need the RAP4 Portable DVR. When you need a dashboard camera that works as a handheld unit, takes interchangeable SD cards and records to the universal .avi format, you need the RAP4 Portable DVR.

And when you need a complete video and audio recording solution, with everything you need right in the box, you certainly need the RAP4 Portable DVR - video backup you can trust.