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RAP4 is proud to announce their sponsorship of the Purdue University Formula SAE racing team in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Now our innovative paintball technology is used in a race car as well!

The Purdue University Formula SAE race car has RAP4's latest CO2 and air regulator system integrated into its core design.

What is the FSAE?
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) competition is held annually in Michigan. The objective is to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with their small, open wheel and open cockpit, formula-style racecars. Competing universities build a new racecar each year and compete against each others top designs.

There are approximately 130 colleges and universities from around the world that build vehicles for the SAE design competition. All students are welcome to join. The teams are largely composed of students in mechanical and electrical engineering, but members from business and marketing schools are also needed for accounting and to organize funding.

The Purdue Formula SAE team has over twenty highly motivated members from various disciplines. The students design and build the car, drawing across their disciplines to make a well balanced car. They test and improve the racecar to get the maximum possible performance. They also develop ways to finance the construction and bring the racecar from a concept to a high-speed racing machine on the ground in Michigan. This process requires a broad understanding of failure modes, and design tools must be used to ensure they make a vehicle capable of racing. This prepares them for real-world engineering and business conditions, and is invaluable to their education. RAP4 is honored to be a part of their team effort!