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RAP4 is proud to introduce the Paintball Training Institute (PTI) certification class for RAP4 and RAP5 markers!

The April 13th and 14th certification class--the first of 2006--will feature expert instruction suitable for airsmiths, armorers, and hobbyists alike! Students may now register online on the PTI website www.paintball-pti.com. The 2-day course includes basic design theory for stacked-bolt blowback markers and advanced study of the RAP markers. Students learn disassembly for two other brands of blowback markers so they are familiar with the core design theory before going on to the advanced RAP classes. There is no prerequisite class for this course.

The first day includes general design theory for the four basic design types of paintball markers, and hands-on instruction through guided disassembly. On day two the students work on the milsim RAP4 and RAP5 markers and receive specific training for the complete tear down, reassembly, and repair of both types. Students are then given "buggered" RAP4 and RAP5 markers and are required to repair them using the design theory and troubleshooting techniques they have learned. Finally, students must pass a written exam with a 70% or higher score.

This is a rigorous two-day class that prepares graduates to work on the RAP4 and RAP5 products. Because of the fast pace of these classes, it is suggested that students have some previous experience working on paintball markers.