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RAP4 Sponsor National SWAT Competition

RAP4 Sponsor National SWAT Competition

NODTA (Northeast Ohio Police K-9 Training Academy) will be hosting a Police SWAT Competition on October 15th & 16th, 2005. The competition will be open to Law Enforcement SWAT Teams only. Spectators, guest and family members are welcome to attend.

RAP4 will be providing their latest formulated paintball for the competing teams. The new .68 caliber RAP4 AG1 Paintball has the latest gelatin formula. This new formulated gelatin provides best performance on all paintball guns. RAP4 AG1 Paintballs are made lighter with a stronger shell. This new design gives the paintball a better flight pattern and at the same time reduces breakage. RAP4 will also be providing demo equipment of their latest paintball gun at the competition as well. The RAP4 AG1 Paintballs will be available for purchase in November.

The events will be divided into the following two categories: High Risk Warrant Service and Hostage Rescue

High Risk Warrant Service:
This course is designed to build the foundation in weapons and tactics used in high risk warrant service by law enforcement agencies includes: weapon safety and handling, weapon presentation, immediate action, shooting while moving, multiple targets, moving targets, and target identification, door entries, room clearing, occupant control, room searching techniques, hallways, room-to-room, crisis entry, and emergency evacuation, crisis entry, emergency evacuation.

Hostage Rescue:
Violent situations where lives are being lost require special and realistic training allowing for immediate interdiction and termination of the threat. These situations allow for little or no planning.
This course is designed for law enforcement and hostage rescue teams includes door entry, room clearing, hallway tactics, corner clearing, crisis entry, diversionary devices and emergency evacuation.

More about NODTA:
NODTA��S system of instruction conditions the mind and body to decisively act as one under extreme stress. Mastery of techniques is achieved through intense, conditioned reflex training that is tested against measurable standards. The standards are based upon real world conditions and have been validated in actual law enforcement encounters.

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