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RAP4 T68 M4 Military Paintball Gun

RAP4 T68 M4 Military Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to announce the RAP4 T68 M4 Military series paintball marker is designed for combat training. Designed for reliability and durability, with rugged features like all-metal construction, the RAP4 T68 M4 Military is perfect for room clearing and building entry training, as well as teaching CQB marksmanship and firearm safety. The RAP4 T68 M4 Military is fabricated with weight, width, length, and ergonomics comparable to authentic M16/M4 style assault rifles, and the pistol grip is identical to that on an M4. This gives operators a true-to-life feel, as if they are training with their duty gear.

The RAP4 T68 M4 Military works with an 18 round detachable magazine. An optional 200 round hopper adaptor is available to drastically increase ammo capacity. The RAP4 T68 M4 Military is built with an internal flexi-air system with an air tank within the stock, or you may employ a full size air tank as a stock. The RAP4 T68 M4 is virtually maintenance free - it can go through thousands and thousands of shots before any maintenance is needed.

When maintenance or repair is needed, the RAP4 T68 M4 is so easy to work on that it can be completely torn down and rebuilt in less than 5 minutes.

The RAP4 T68 M4 Military has a removable carry handle with M4-standard iron sights that are adjustable for elevation and windage. With the carry handle removed, the RAP4 T68 M4 Military can take any standard scope, sight, or mount on its flattop rail. It has endless configurations, and the weaver-style rail is fully compatible with standard military specification attachments. This versatility allows for a world of configurations: RIS CQB, Special Ops, with onboard hidden air source, remote lines, red dot sights, scopes, flashlights, and even grenade launchers!

The RAP4 T68 M4 Military is extremely powerful and accurate. For law enforcement use, it has enough power to propel projectiles over 350 fps, enabling officers to make difficult shots from 150 feet with the rounds carrying enough downrange kinetic energy to burst on impact.

The RAP4 T68 M4 is compatible with various types of projectiles, from training rounds to less-lethal rounds, making the RAP4 T68 M4 the most versatile marker of its kind on the market today.

RAP4 T68 M4 Projectiles:
Paintball Marking projectiles are ideal for force-on-force and CQB training, and any training that requires absolute precision. These projectiles shatter upon impact, leaving a wet color mark on the target. The mark is water soluble and is easy to clean with a damp cloth...and won't stain your training facility.
Non-Lethal Clear Training Paintballs leave wet splats which can easily be wiped off with warm water. This allows law enforcement and military operators to train for marksmanship under duress, in rented or borrowed spaces, without leaving colored stains on their training gear and facilities.
Rubber Training Projectiles are ideal for training where you cannot mark the surrounding environment. The projectiles do not leave marks, are solid for balanced flight, and don't require much cleaning-just rinse and reuse for inexpensive training time and again.
Powder Training Projectiles are training rounds that contain harmless white powder to simulate the effect of the RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles, without actually filling the air with capsaicin. They have the same performance, without the painful effect, as the "real thing."
RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are hard plastic spheres built to burst on impact. They contain a very fine Capsaicin II (chili pepper) dust-like powder. RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are filled with enough capsaicin powder to seriously, though temporarily, irritate a suspect's eyes, nose and throat, without normally causing any other harm.
rRAP4 T68 M4 Military Key Features:
- .68 caliber system
- Compatible with marking rounds, rubber rounds, clear rounds and less lethal rounds
- Semi-automatic (optional upgrade for semi/burst/auto)
- 18 Round detachable magazine
- All metal construction
- Works with CO2/Compressed Air/ HPA/Nitrogen
- Maximum range: 300 feet
- Effective range: 150 feet
- Velocity 300-350 fps (adjustable)
- Weight 6.5lbs

RAP4 T68 M4 Law Enforcement Blue series markers are designed for interactive law enforcement training - as real as it gets without using bullets. The RAP4 T68 M4 Blue series use colored handguards so you know in an instant which is your marker and which is actually your duty rifle! This adds a level of safety to training exercises without compromising real-handling characteristics. The RAP4 T68 M4 Blue Series is the safe choice when you demand the best...with sensible precautions.

RAP4 T68 M4 Less Lethal Launcher are the solution for agencies looking for an all-in-one tool for tactical training and subduing individuals and groups when less-lethal force is appropriate.

The RAP4 T68 M4 Less Lethal Launchers are designed to replicate the look and feel of M4 carbines - the popular arm used by law enforcement agencies, militaries, and private contractors. The aesthetics of this highly realistic weapon help officers gain control of the suspect's fear, encouraging them to surrender, de-escalating the situation and reducing the number of use-of-force incidents. If you have to shoot, you have eighteen rounds at the ready just as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. With accessory rails all over, you also have room to mount tactical flashlights and sights, foregrips and other useful tools.

The RAP4 T68 M4 Less Lethal Launcher is a high pressure system that propels various rounds with enough kinetic force to get the suspect's attention. Upon impact, less lethal rounds unleash a cloud of capsaicin powder into an aggressor's face, seriously irritating their eyes, nose and throat. The RAP4 T68 M4 Less Lethal Launchers are effective tools for achieving suspect compliance.

Because the projectiles break upon impact, they do not penetrate skin or pose ricochet hazards, making the RAP4 T68 M4 Less Lethal Launchers safe even at contact range. As they burst on impact and fill the vicinity with the irritant powder, officers using the RAP4 T68 M4 Less Lethal Launchers don't have to directly hit their target to subdue the suspect. Rather, by shooting in the vicinity the suspect will be overwhelmed by a cloud of irritation powder.