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RAP4 UK Paintfest Bassetts

RAP4 UK Paintfest Bassetts

RAP4 UK is proud to present you three days of paintball heaven, including players’ parties and Miltac action on the hottest terrain in Europe! We’ve partnered with NPF Bassetts Pole to produce Paintfest 2014, an amazing weekend centered around the Tears of the Sun scenario game. Points earned in this event will also count towards the overall DW14 scores! It all starts on Friday 25th July, and carries on through Sunday 27th July.

Sign up right now, right here: www.paintfest.co.uk/140605-tearsofsun.html

The action goes down like this: deep in the heart of the African state of Corimbe is a doctor dedicated to saving the indigenous people…but who is helpless to thwart the advance of murderous civil war rebels. The international community is watching, and the world is determined to save the doctor ahead of the rebels’ onslaught.

But he won’t leave without the people he cares for, throwing a last-minute complication into plans to save him. Outnumbered, imperiled, and out of time, the US Navy SEALs sent to save him must make a stand…and some tough choices about who to save in the thick of the assault.

Players can join the rebels in their route of the foreign invaders, or serve in the elite ranks of the rescue team sent to extract the doctor and his cadre. Special missions are woven into the plot of Tears of the Sun, with roles for everyone brave enough to play.

Choose your side, and sight in your gear, because this event counts toward DW14. The rebel score in Miltac will go to the HMC and the Navy SEAL score in Miltac will go to the USDE. With your MagFed paintball gun, you can turn the tide in Tears of the Sun…and maybe DW14 itself.

Miltac gear is highly encouraged, and supplies will be available on game day. RAP4 UK will be onsite with a full complement of MagFed paintball gear for Miltac players to check out, carry into action…and take home.

Are you ready to prove yourself in two days of MagFed action on some of the best terrain in Europe? Ready to tip the scales in your faction’s favor in DW14? Just want to get out of your flat for the weekend with some of the best players in the sport?

Then sign up now…and RAP4 UK will see you at Bassetts Pole!

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