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RAP4 Vests - Exceeding Standards for MOLLE

RAP4 Vests - Exceeding Standards for MOLLE

RAP4 is proud to introduce our full line of MOLLE gear - load bearing solutions for every paintball player. The acronym means "Modular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment." The system allows the wearer to start with a
lightweight ballistic nylon vest and customize its payload for any given mission, adding pouches and holsters, rearranging equipment, and dramatically changing its functionality...in mere moments, and with universal accessories.

RAP4 has adopted this technology and offers it to our paintball community at incredible prices. More importantly, they meet and exceed military quality specifications...even as they offer custom solutions tailored to our sport!

The M4/M16 pouches are designed to hold spare magazines for battle rifles, and also perfectly fit the T68 Detachable Magazines made popular with the T68 marker series. The pouches designed to fit service pistol magazines also fit
magazines for the RAP226 and RAP17. These pouches, built to military standards, are also ideal for paintball.

We have special needs, though - like the need to carry off-size magazines for our Tiberius Arms pistol, as well as HPA and CO2 tanks. RAP4 kept the military specifics for quality, durability, and strength in mind as they designed
specific pouches for each of these applications...and many more. RAP4 offers MOLLE-interface pod pouches that you won't find from military contractors - they're just for us!

Just as the military has a wide array of pouches, holsters and attachments for their MOLLE vests, so too do we thanks to RAP4...and they're available in 21 different patterns! Order a solid-color MOLLE vest and a full complement of
pouches in Desert Camo, and another full set in ACU. As the seasons change, or you move from field to field, you can swap out the pouches to match your cammies or team uniform...so you never draw attention to yourself with mismatched

Check out what all of the buzz is about at RAP4's website, www.rap4usa.com . Search for MOLLE, and customize your perfect vest...then build and rebuild it in seconds for years to come!

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