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MCS/RAP4 Walk-In Superstore Now Open

MCS/RAP4 Walk-In Superstore Now Open

MCS/RAP4 is proud to welcome you into our brand new superstore, where you can see, handle, and even field strip, the absolute latest Modern Combat Sports MagFed guns and gear…right here at our world headquarters.

We’ve brought together the MagFed guns and Modern Combat Sports tactical equipment you need, with the experts who know this gear inside and out. That means you can walk in with any question, and get an answer; bring in your MagFed gun and get it upgraded right on the spot; or even design your perfect new Modern Combat Sports gun…and watch it being assembled.

…and when you walk in, be awed by the MCS guns and gear that cover our walls. Check out the 416, and you’ll see how it handles, operates, and looks, exactly like combat-issue carbines. Then check out the dozens of configurations that 416 can upgrade into, from CQB powerhouses to long range sniper platforms optimized for Shaped Projectile rounds.

Our new Professional Training Rifle gets a place of honor on the wall, as well—see why when you handle one yourself…then geek out with our staff over the battlefield simulation devices in the showcases, and find the perfect softgoods for your operating environment.

Ready to drop by? Here’s our address, our hours, and even our digits, ‘cause we look forward to seeing you!

Monday - Thursday: 10AM - 5PM PST
Friday - Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Come visit our showroom at:
2345 La Mirada Drive
Vista, CA 92081


We have plenty of guns in stock, a warehouse full of accessories on hand, and we're ready to install whatever RAP4 upgrades you need, because our superstore is a component of our world headquarters. The armory is in back; research and design happen just a hallway away; you may even hear the sweet sound of test firing echoing through the warehouse. You can't get any closer to the action without having to strap on goggles!

So come say hi. Check out the RAP4 superstore.

Then go dominate the field.

2014-12-18 12:32:34