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RAP4 Weapon of the Week

RAP4 Weapon of the Week

RAP4 is proud to announce the Weapon of the Week program! Each week we'll announce a special marker package that is loaded with options that make it ready to dominate...straight out of the box!

As the recognized leader in mil-sim markers, with an impressive following in the law enforcement and military training communities, RAP4 has the experience - and engineering - to bring you a playing experience that is unparalleled. Our T68 series reproduce the look, feel, ergonomics, and handling of the M16 and M4 families of battle rifles and carbines. Our accessories are engineered to reproduce real-world accessories from sights to silencers, stocks to barrels...and we are the industry leading source for magazine-fed designs!

Some accessories featured in the Weapon of the Week program are engineered to adapt military designs to paintball, like the Socom Air Through Buttstock included with several of our exclusive packages. This stock reproduces the foam-padded, skeletonized stocks found on many Special Ops M4 carbines, but with a slight twist - the air-through design and male remote line quick disconnect allow you to get the HPA or CO2 bottle off of your marker, and run your air through the stock!

Clever features with real-world designs like this can be found throughout the packages we offer in the Weapon of the Week Program! Each package is put together by experienced engineers who are familiar with the real-world counterparts of our gear...and know exactly what accessories and configurations you need to triumph over every challenge!

Keep checking your email, visiting the RAP4 website, and haunting the forums, to see what special package will be unveiled each week...

...and keep your fingers crossed for some hot pricing and exclusive accessories as the Weapon of the Week program heats up!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!