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RAP4 XPOWER In Action At Marine Corps Base

RAP4 XPOWER In Action At Marine Corps Base

RAP4 is proud to provide X-Power markers and tactical training to pre-deployment forces...and make that same military-tested equipment available for civilians who want the most realistic paintball experience possible.

RAP4 staff just returned from Hawaii, where they worked with undisclosed military units to train in close quarters battle (CQB) ahead of their deployment to the Middle East. At the intersection of theory and reality stood the RAP4 instructors with a crate of X-Power markers and cases of .43 caliber paintballs. To make the soldiers� training as real as possible, their commanding officers arranged force-on-force drills in real urban and indoor facilities, and selected the RAP4 X-Power marker for its exact replication of the M4 duty rifle.

That way, the familiarity, instincts, and marksmanship ingrained into the soldiers with their M16 and M4 duty rifles carried over directly to using the magazine-fed, semi-automatic RAP4 X-Power. Being shot at with a real projectile, feeling the impact of sustaining real hits, made the tactical simulation far more meaningful than laser-based or other simulations...meaning the experience was far more valuable for real-world training.

Designed to exactly replicate the balance, weight, feel, controls, aesthetics, and essential operation of the M4 battle rifle, the RAP4 X-Power paintball marker is truly the guardian of that threshold between fantasy and reality - it essentially is an M4 battle rifle, and yet, uses compressed air (ingeniously hidden inside the collapsible stock) to shoot only paintballs. That makes it the ideal training marker for the US military, as proven in the recent Hawaii maneuvers.

The .43 caliber paintballs are fed under spring pressure directly into the marker via the interchangeable twenty round magazine. Each ball is held securely by either a metal or biodegradable plastic shell, which is extracted and ejected after each shot - pull the trigger, feel the action cycle, then hear the ejected casing spin on the ground beside you...just like shooting the real M4. This enables high cyclic rates and the use of strong magazine springs for absolute reliability, without damaging the paintballs or hindering their accuracy.

The US military regularly uses RAP4 equipment and training for pre-deployment exercises. Paintball players around the country rely on RAP4 markers to complete tough missions in big-name scenario games. When you�re serious about training, competing, role-playing, or getting the most out of your woodsball game, you need RAP4.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!