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RAP4's All New Soybean-Based Field Paintball

RAP4's All New Soybean-Based Field Paintball

RAP4 is proud to announce our new line of soybean-based, environmentally friendly paint...with bright fill and an unbeatable price!

RAP4's new Field Paint will be rolling out to fields and stores in the next few weeks, but you can pick up a case early, direct from RAP4. Available in your choice of white shell with bright white fill, and green shell with green fill, RAP4's Field Paint will revolutionize how you train - and how often you can play!

The shells are engineered to be strong enough for magazine-fed markers, like the T68 M4 line of woodsball markers...and strong enough to endure the force-feed hopper on your high-end tourney marker. That means no ball breaks in your magazine, hopper, chamber, or barrel, if you do everything else right...

...but the shells are designed to shatter upon impacting your opponent, meaning more breaks on target. Part of this high-performance design is achieved through the use of soybean oil.

Completely biodegradable, non-permanent and environmentally safe, the RAP4 Field Paint is safe for back-country fields and fulltime scenario fields alike. The splats fade in direct sunlight, and a good rain washes them away, where the organic material used in the shell and fill gets absorbed into the ground without hurting local plants, animals, or water sources.

Best of all for you is the price: $39.95msrp for a full case of 2,000 balls. Now you can train with your rate of fire turned all the way up to the field's limit, and you can shoot all weekend for less than you'll spend on gas to drive there!

The all-new RAP4 Field Paint is available directly from Real Action Paintball, who packages it with care to arrive on time, intact, and ready to play. Let your field know you want them to stock the RAP4 paint, so you can blast away at only $29.95 a case.

And when your friends say paintball is too expensive, give them a bag of 500 and tell them to get out on the field where they belong!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!