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Rechargeable 12g Co2 Cylinder

Rechargeable 12g Co2 Cylinder


RAP4 is proud to introduce the last 12gram CO2 cylinder you’ll ever need—a refillable 12gram that will save you plenty of money while keeping you gassed-up no matter how far afield you travel.

The RAP4 Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinder recharges from any standard paintball CO2 tank via a special fill adapter. Install the fill adapter on a spare tank, then insert the adapter into the base of your Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinder to gas it up. It’s that easy…and you’ll never run out of 12gram cylinders again. You’ll never have to dash to the vendor’s village or sporting goods store to restock your 12grams. Nope—you’ll recharge your cylinder with the CO2 tank you already own, and get right back into the action.

The RAP4 Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinders work in almost every paintball gun, airgun, and other device that accepts standard disposable 12gram CO2 Cylinders, and you can refill them again and again.

And again. And again…

…without buying any more cylinders, littering empties all over the field, or needing to keep a bulky, expensive supply on hand. All you need is a Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinder or two, the recharge adapter and tank you already own, and you’re set.

That’s it.

The genius of our design is that the piercing pin inside your paintball gun, which is hardened to pierce the metal seal atop a disposable CO2 cylinder, merely pushes open a resealing valve on the Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinder. Thus, you can degas your gun without dumping an entire 12gram (because the valve automatically reseals), and you can swap these into virtually every 12gram-powered paintball gun on the planet.

Now, instead of scouring the Internet for deals on huge quantities of disposable 12grams, you can buy one or two RAP4 Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinders and be good to go. Put one in your sidearm. Put one in your rocket launcher. Put one in your stock class paintball gun. Wherever you’ve been using disposable 12grams, upgrade to this truly revolutionary 12gram alternative.

The one gun we know of that doesn’t work with the Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinder is the Tippmann TPX, which uses the trigger pull to pierce the top of a disposable cylinder, and then retracts the pin…which means that it would momentarily open, and then immediately close, the Rechargeable 12gram. This is not a problem with other paintball guns.

When you’re ready to stop buying disposable 12gram cylinders entirely; when you’re ready to lighten your load with one rechargeable cylinder instead of a dozen old fashioned ones; when you’re ready to use the latest self-sealing 12gram technology to revolutionize your load out…you need the RAP4 Rechargeable 12gram CO2 Cylinder!

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-03-14 00:00:00