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ROTC Cadets' Training With RAP4 T68 Paintball Gun

ROTC Cadets' Training With RAP4 T68 Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to support the US Military through proper training of active duty and reserve forces, as well as Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets as they prepare for careers of service and honor. RAP4 recently was invited back to Camp Parks in California to facilitate a field training day for medics...and we brought cases of paint and dozens of Gen7 T68 markers so the ROTC cadets could experience training that is truly as real as it gets.

Medics are tasked with one of the most challenging, and dynamic, jobs in a combat unit. Armed for combat and equipped with medical gear to stabilize the wounded for transfer out of the combat zone, they must transition from fighting to saving lives...while still taking fire, and working against time. To help them train for evading and returning fire, caring for the wounded and transporting them out of live fire zones, RAP4 staged multiple real-world-inspired scenarios that found the cadets squaring off against "insurgents" on Camp Parks' training grounds.

With the function, balance, and design of the T68 Gen7 markers they carried, cadets were equipped with exact replicas of the M4 carbines they use in other areas of their training. The T68 Gen7 even reloads just like the M4, with detachable spring-fed magazines instead of bulky, unrealistic hoppers. They learned the value of tactical reloading behind cover, coordinating cover fire while transporting "wounded" cadets...and did it all under the most realistic conditions that a combat simulation can create.

Realistic gear... Realistic training... It all adds up to real-world results! RAP4 is grateful to Camp Parks for these continuing opportunities to train tomorrow's warriors, today.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!