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ROTC Medical Unit: King of the Jungle

RAP4 is proud to support our armed forces with unique force-on-force training equipment and training event support. Recently, RAP4 teamed up with the US Army Reserve Camp Parks Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Medical Unit to conduct combat training exercises at the base's maneuvering grounds. ROTC cadets were issued RAP4 and Tippmann gear, including the RAP4 Rocket Propelled Grenade Paintball Launcher and other demolitions-simulation equipment!

ROTC cadets are on the fast track to careers as officers in the US Military, and receive special training alongside active and reserve forces. These exercises, conducted with strict military protocol, instill the skills and reflexes that are crucial to surviving hostile fire and enemy engagement on deployment. Increasingly the US Military turns to paintball for force-on-force training, and RAP4 in particular for our expertise and the hyper-realistic equipment we manufacture. The same gear that the military relies on to recreate real-world engagements with the safety of paintball munitions is available to our regular paintball customers for equipment and gaming experiences that truly are as real as it gets!

This maneuver with the Camp Parks ROTC Medical Unit was called "Mission: King of the Jungle," and included five exciting missions. From conducting reconnaissance and then attacking a target, to moving to contact and retaliating, and assaulting fortified positions, the cadets encountered realistic scenarios taken straight from the action in Iraq and Afghanistan. The medics had to dodge incoming fire to retrieve and "treat" the wounded, and medivac them to casualty collection points. Their forces relied on real-time intelligence gathered during their engagements to deploy against the OpFor...and relied on RAP4 gear like the RAP4 M249 SAW, RAP4 Rocket Propelled Grenade Paintball Launcher, simulated landmines like the RAP4 M18A1 Claymore!

When the US Military needs the best in force-on-force training and equipment, they turn to RAP4...and we're proud to hook them up!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!