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Siege of Bastogne at Oklahoma D-Day 2015

Siege of Bastogne at Oklahoma D-Day 2015

RAP4 is proud to bring the hottest new game format, to the world's largest paintball event, with the announcement of our mag-fed-only Siege of Bastogne at Oklahoma D-Day! This mag-fed-only scenario game is part of the week of epic scenario games, tactical clinics, and intense paintball action leading up to the legendary Oklahoma D-Day big game.

The historic battle played out in December of 1944. While the Allies won in 1944 after eight days of grueling combat, the outcome is not assured at our game...especially with the Panzer tanks, Axis paratroopers, and Hollywood-quality buildings that make the action truly as real as it gets!

This game will play out at Oklahoma D-Day's famous Caen Village, and follows an exciting storyline: outnumbered and cut off from reinforcements, elements of the 101st Airborne capture the village of Bastogne and its many road crossings that control the flow of soldiers and materials throughout the Axis-controlled region. But then...

...the Axis counterattacks with everything they've got. Troops. Tanks. Canons.


This special scenario game will make full use of the mag-fed format, meaning that only magazine-fed paintball markers will be allowed (both carbines and pistols). That means you'll get to test your skills against other mag-fed players in a true test of combat marksmanship, squad tactics...and courage. The action will last for several hours, and will involve hundreds (if not thousands) of players. Bring plenty of spare magazines, and extra paint. Fill up the hydration pack on your tactical vest, and charge your radios. After the first shot flies, the fate of Bastogne is up to you to decide.

Will your Allied unit hold Bastogne against the Axis onslaught? Or will you rewrite history?

The World's Largest Paintball Event kicks off on Monday, June 8th, and lasts all week. Each day features different scenario games, tactical challenges, clinics, and more. The vendor's village is likely the largest consumer trade show you'll see in paintball this season, and RAP4 will be there with our latest marker: the 468.

Pick up a 468 or mag-fed T68, or bring your Tippmann by to be upgraded with a Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kit, then hit the scenario games to practice for the mag-fed Siege of Bastogne on Thursday. RAP4 is looking forward to helping you enjoy a weeklong paintball adventure, capped off with the world-famous Oklahoma D-Day on Saturday!

2015-5-20 14:20:53