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Siege of Bastogne - Mag-Fed Only Battle Oklahoma DDay 2014!

Siege of Bastogne - Mag-Fed Only Battle Oklahoma DDay 2014!

RAP4 is proud to update you on the Siege of Bastogne, this season's most-anticipated mag-fed scenario game! We're working closely with the crews at D-Day Adventure Park near Wyandotte, Oklahoma, to make our Siege of Bastogne the biggest, most exciting mag-fed paintball game ever!

To contain the action and reward the overwhelming support of our players, we've expanded the Caen Village field used for the Siege of Bastogne to include even more surrounding structures and topographical features, each of which will play a crucial role in the proper defense - or assault - of the field. You'll have to come to D-Day Adventure Park early to see what all you'll be fighting over come the big mag-fed game on June 12th! All we can say now is that you'll need some extra paint, some extra water...and some extra range time ahead of the battle!

We've also increased our prize package to include more accessories than ever...and one lucky player in the Siege of Bastogne will win a brand new 468.

The Siege is open to any player, so long as their marker is a mag-fed marker like the 468, T68, Tippmann markers with the amazing Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kits, paint pistols, and the like. With several seasons - and counting - of hosting the wildly popular Operation: End War mag-fed scenario games, our crew knows just how to put on a topnotch tactical event...

...and with the full support of the Oklahoma D-Day staff behind us, we're looking forward to an absolutely epic Siege of Bastogne!

The game will pit the 101st Airborne and supporting units against the Panzer tanks and ground units of the Axis forces, and will play out right on the world-class Caen Village portion of the Oklahoma D-Day game field. It's a tremendous opportunity for players to see how the Caen Village plays ahead of the big game on Saturday, June 15th...and to test your strategies and teamwork.

Moreover, this unique scenario finds the tables turned: the Allies are defending, while the Axis attacks to regain control of Bastogne and the supply routes through the area. With the Axis weakened late in the war, and the Allies surrounded, each side has limited supplies and ammunition...and needs to rely on teamwork, coordination, and skill to prevail.

How will you fare in the season's hottest mag-fed scenario game? Find out at the Siege of Bastogne!

For more information, visit: www.ddaypark.com and www.rap4.com

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2014-05-28 16:14:06