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SoCal Counterstrike - Scenario Military Training

SoCal Counterstrike - Scenario Military Training

RAP4 is proud to help you become the ultimate tactical player this season, with top-tier training from real military and police personnel...at a premier facility during the springtime's hottest scenario game! Join the southwest's best and most notable players this May 21st-22nd at Jungle Island Paintball near Lake Elsinore, California, for "SoCal Counterstrike." This game has a new focus on tactics and accomplishment, and a whole new purpose: to make you a better player while you're having the time of your life.

The action starts early on Saturday, as players are divided into four platoons and mustered at various stations around Jungle Island's world-class facility. Each station uses a different field conducive to their particular tactical challenges. Learn close quarters battle tactics and room clearing techniques from real military and/or police personnel who are professionally trained in the latest methodology. If you're good now, you'll be unstoppable after this hands-on learning and the force-on-force drills you'll go through on Jungle Island's premier CQB field.

Then progress to a timed shooting and obstacle course, where your marksmanship counts...and so does your overall battle-ready fitness. How good are you, really? This station will show you...and the instructors will make you even better. Then it's time for a quick skill test where you may distinguish yourself from your teammates, and then you're off to the next set of challenges.

At each station, your performance will be evaluated and tallied. The top players in each platoon will be selected on their performance, and will earn rank for the scenario game. The only way to lead is to prove you're up to the task...and everyone you'll lead will receive the same training you do, making each platoon fierce, efficient, and competitive.

Then it's time to play some scenario paintball in the "SoCal Counterstrike" game! Put your scenario training to use in fast-paced missions that mimic real world operations and realities - squads don't reinsert until all members muster back at their command center, making the survival of each player paramount...and the elimination of your opponents truly matter.

Event: SoCal Counterstrike
Dates: May 21st-22nd
Host Field: Jungle Island Paintball
Location: Lake Elsinore, CA
Cost: $40 and up
Field Site: www.jungle-island.com
More Info: www.rap4usa.com

Learn what you've been missing. Refine the skills you have. Then prove you're ready to lead in "SoCal Counterstrike," the hottest new scenario from Bandits Splat Paintball, Jungle Island Paintball, and the industry's leading tactical marker supplier, RAP4!

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