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Storm SMG Paintball Gun

Storm SMG Paintball Gun

A Storm On Their Horizon

Unleash the
Storm SMG (Sub-Machine Gun), the smallest, lightest, and most compact paintball marker in the world. The Storm is a .68 caliber marker that takes a standard hopper and any standard CO2 or HPA cylinder. At only 11.5" long, the Storm weighs less than 2 pounds by itself, and makes a dynamic "entry marker" for close quarters play. The Storm is built for handling speed, and is ideal for those who want a compact, short-barreled marker that they can bring to bear in a flash.

Its size is an advantage - and it still does everything you expect of a marker, easily reaching 300 fps with unexpected accuracy, and for specific non-sport uses, can shoot up to 375 fps. The
Storm is a quick-shooting mechanical marker that never needs batteries and keeps playing straight through the rain; it's packed with the same power, paintball capacity, and reliability as a standard paintball marker.

Storm is similar in size to a paintball pistol, yet can take the huge hoppers and bulk air of full-size paintball markers - all in one unit. The Storm will let you unleash your fury upon your opponents without being constrained by your
gear - nothing can hold you back when you jump, slide, skid, and roll through the battlefield with this force of nature.

Unleash your