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SuperGame XLVII: 2014

SuperGame XLVII: 2014

RAP4 wants to see you this weekend at SuperGame XLVII, hosted by the incredible SniperzDen Paintball Field near St. Paul, Oregon. There is still just enough time to get pre-registered, and gear up for battle with well over 1,000 players. There will be tanks, missions, and the best MagFed action in the northwest for three exciting days.

The event kicks off this Friday, May 2nd, with gates opening at 10am and pickup games deploying to fields at 2pm. Want to get a sneak-preview of the tanks you’ll face on Saturday and Sunday? There’s a paintball tank battle at 5pm. Then get your lights or NVGs ready for the night game at 9pm.

And that’s just the Friday action ahead of the weekend long campaign. There’s so much more on Saturday and Sunday, we just can’t list it all!

Ready to sign up? Need a little more persuasion? Here’s a link to learn more and preregister: http://supergame.tv/register.html

RAP4 looks forward to seeing you there, and hooking you up with some amazing 468 rental guns. Just bring your ID and your current paintball gun, and we’ll loan you a MagFed 468 that you can take into the heart of the action all weekend long. There will be MagFed challenges, and specific MagFed missions during the big game, so you can take on all comers with the most realistic gear in paintball…as you battle alongside similarly dedicated players.

Just imagine that: whole squads of MagFed players dominating the action as they battle for objectives crucial to their teams’ victory—that’s as real as it gets, and it’s open to anyone with a MagFed marker (including one of our loaner 468s).

That means you’ll be immersed in the thick of this massive game with hundreds of teammates and hundreds of opponents…backed up with tanks, and challenged like never before.

We’ll have RAP4 techs onsite at our fully stocked booth in the vendor’s village, ready to help you tune up your gun or choose and install any upgrade you need for your 468, T68, MKP, or other RAP4 gun. As a proud sponsor, we’ll have gear in the giveaway and a lot of event-only deals at our booth. Check out the new DMR while you’re there, and see what the military and police tactical units are using to train right now—it’s the future of the most realistic paintball you can play, and it’ll be on display (and maybe even on the field) at SuperGame XLVII.

Ready for the action? Reserve your spot. Pack your gear. Hit the road.

And we’ll see you at SuperGame XLVII this weekend!

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-04-29 11:43:58