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SWAT RAP4 HSI Seminar 2009 in NJ

SWAT RAP4 HSI Seminar 2009 in NJ

RAP4 is proud to be part of the HSI Tactical Seminar 2009 in New Jersey. The event took place at Harbor Site International, the premier tactical training venue in Elmer, New Jersey. HSI presented one of the world's most experienced security, training, and risk mitigation teams as part of the HSI Seminar. They invited security and police professionals from fifty two departments and tactical teams to join in a weekend-long summit discussing new technology in threat mitigation and less lethal response. These professionals work the streets and ports of the United States and the capitals of Europe, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and throughout Latin America, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Their participation made the HSI Seminar an overwhelming success!

The SWAT, SRT, and other participants were excited to test and evaluate RAP4's latest T68 training products. Outstanding for force-on-force tactical training as well as less lethal use in the field, RAP4's T68 M4-styled compressed air powered carbines were extensively test fired and praised.

The T68 reflects the latest in tactical training technology, incorporating a fully functional magazine-feed system. The array of accessory interchangeability allows for a world of configurations: RIS CQB, Special Ops, with an onboard hidden air source or remote line connected to a bulk air container, red dot sights and scopes, flashlights, grenade launchers, and the ability to use either a full size hopper or magazine feed! The T68 M4 works with an 18 round detachable magazine, though an optional 200 round hopper adaptor is available for those who need more ammo capacity. With ergonomics, controls, and aesthetics replicating the M4 duty carbine, operators carry their instincts over perfectly between duty carbine and T68...making your range time that much more effective.

The RAP4 T68 training system is safe, effective, and costs less than 5 cents per shot. With RAP4's specialized projectiles, you can train with marking rounds, non-marking water rounds (for use on MOUT and borrowed facilities), and rubber non-marking rounds. The kinetic reinforcement from being hit with these non-lethal training rounds is second to nothing for tactical training...and provides shot accountability with clear hits on target and in the surrounding environs. No other training system provides more trigger time that is as realistic or as effective.

For more about Harbor Site International, visit harborsiteinternational.com

For more about RAP4 products, visit: rap4usa.com