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T68 Commando

T68 Commando

T68 Commando



RAP4, a top gun in scenario game merchandise situated in Santa Clara is thrilled to publicize the release of their newest & hottest paintball gun, the T68 Commando.

The T68 Commando is ingenious, solid, quick & loaded with all the hottest features. Every inch of the T68 Commando can be tailored to suit the player's every need and requirement.

This T68 Commando includes an Integrated Barrel Rail (IBR) as well as a Center Rail System (CRS), which will allow attachments such as: laser sight, flashlight, grenade launcher and a vertical grip. The Integrated Flattop Rail (IFR), which is a standard feature of the T68 Commando, will also allow the user to mount a scope, sights and all standard military attachments.

Standard features of the T68 Commando include: Customizable detachable Muzzle Brake, Integrated Barrel Rail (IBR), Float Aluminum Hand Guard, Off- set vertical feed, Integrated Flattop Rail (IFR), Anti-icing system, Center Rail System (CRS), Atom Smasher Trigger System (AST), Ergonomic Trigger Grip.

The hottest feature of the T68 Commando is the Atom Smasher Trigger System (ASTS). The Atom Smasher Trigger pad is half inch wide, which allows for easier trigger pulls. The trigger is constructed of solid metal angled at 45 degrees, which certainly supports rapid fire. The ASTS distributes the center pressure point of each trigger pull therefore reducing trigger pull exhaustion in long scenario games as well as for games that require a great deal of shooting.

The T68 Commando comes with an abundance of features as well as its ability to adapt and change to meet the player's need, but more importantly the T68 Commando is built for reliability and durability. The T68 Commando is an all metal construction, it is heavy duty and rugged. The trigger grip is made with a strong fiber, the same material used for the firearm trigger grip. The trigger grip of the T68 Commando can also be replaced with a standard M4 Assault Rifle trigger grip.

The T68 Commando is a .68 caliber paintball gun that operates a typical 200 rounds loader it is also capable of taking CO2, Compressed Air and Nitrogen. This T68 Commando has a range of 150 feet to 250 feet. The velocity of the T68
Commando is changeable from 250 feet per second to 350 feet per second.

The internal mechanism and break down of the T68 Commando is similar to the Spyder, Piranha, Rebel Extreme and many others. The cleaning and maintenance of the T68 Commando is quick and easy. The complete core tear down of the T68 Commando can be done in less than 60 seconds.

The T68 Commando is designed for players that enjoying speed ball type games with inflatable bunkers as well as extreme scenario games--a two in one paintball gun.
Standard Features:

1. Customizable detachable Muzzle Brake
2. Integrated Barrel Rail (IBR)
3. Float Aluminum Hand Guard
4. Off- set vertical feed
5. Integrated Flattop Rail (IFR)
6. Anti-icing system
7. Center Rail System (CRS)
8. Atom Smasher Trigger System (ASTS)
9. Ergonomic Trigger Grip


This is an example of a fully outfitted T68 Commando.