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T68 Gen5 .68 Caliber Magazine Paintball Gun

T68 Gen5 .68 Caliber Magazine Paintball Gun

T68 Generation 5: Dual-Feed .68 Carbine!

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the T68 Gen5, the only paintball marker in the world that uses both a detachable magazine and a hopper. The T68 Gen5 can use either the magazine alone, or hopper alone, or both at the same time to give you force-feed and bulk-loader options without lugging extra gear. The T68 Gen5 does not require any modification to switch from hopper to magazine, either - all you need to do is plug-and-play.

Sport use:
T68 Gen5 has been redesigned with an all-new body and greatly enhanced internals. This new design makes the .68 caliber T68 Gen5 both durable and reliable: it can go through thousands of rounds before any maintenance is needed. The new design also drastically improves its power, easily achieving a maximum range of 300 feet with an effective
range of 200 feet. You can
use the hopper for games that need more firepower, and quickly switch to using the magazine when it comes time to play sniper. You can remove the carrying handle to mount a scope to the weaver rail, or add a scope adapter to the carry handle to put the power of sniper optics atop this amazing machine. With this power, accuracy, sighting options, and distance, the T68 Gen5 is the leading sniper rifle in paintball.
For law enforcement and the military:
T68 Gen5 is the ultimate training weapon for the law enforcement and the military. The new magazine feature of the T68 Gen5 allows training like never before. The T68 Gen5 uses regular, widely available .68 caliber paintballs - like the RAP AG1 paintball! This helps agencies have ready access to the ammunition they need to train.
Also, the T68 Gen5 is adaptable
to all types of CO2 and compressed air, and it is able to accept all air cylinder sizes - even disposable cylinders. With the T68 Gen5, agencies in remote areas will never have problems getting air to operate their training weapons. The ammunition cost for the T68 Gen5 training program is less than 3 cents per round, way less than other interactive training munitions. With the low operation cost, now agencies of all budget sizes can train like never before!

For riot control and security:

T68 Gen5 is able to accept non-lethal and less-lethal munitions. Capable of velocities over 350 feet per second, the T68 can deliver OC Balls and Powder Balls fast enough that they shattered upon impact. The T68 Gen5 provides the tool for officers and security guards to contain or subdue individuals and groups when non-lethal force is appropriate.

Key features:
- Semi-automatic operation
- 18 rounds detachable magazine
- 200 round hopper adaptor
- .68 caliber
- Removable carry handle
- M4 Style front sight
- M4 Style hand guard
- M4 Style butt stock
- Works on CO2/HPA of all sizes
- Maximum range: 300 feet
- Effective range: 200 feet
- Velocity 250-370 fps (adjustable)