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T68 Gen7 For Force On Force Training

T68 Gen7 For Force On Force Training

RAP4 is proud to introduce your top choice for force-on-force training: the new T68 Gen7. Based on the award-winning T68 family of markers that perfectly replicate the M4 family of duty carbines, the T68 Gen7 has new features that will greatly improve your training.

While the T68 Gen7 is available in a host of configurations, from full-size M16A2 to ultra-compact versions of the M4, its heart and soul is the all-metal T68 receiver. Designed around a self-lubricating Delrin bolt for long service life and high cyclic rate, and a removable magazine well for accepting interchangeable magazines, the T68 body features an M16 grip and top-mounted tactical rail.

New on the T68 Gen7 is the starboard velocity adjuster, used for fine-tuning velocity as environmental conditions change throughout the day. This convenient adjustment point is used in conjunction with the gross adjustment bolt in the rear of the receiver, and helps law enforcement trainers achieve up to 350 feet per second - higher velocities than available on civilian models.

For tactical marksmen and for training that occurs over greater distances, the T68 Gen7 comes ready to accept First Strike �compliant interchangeable magazines. The First Strike marking capsules, also available from RAP4, are fin-rifled and feature rear skirts to increase range and accuracy. With the spring tension of the T68 Gen7's interchangeable magazine, you get 18 traditional balls or First Strike rounds per magazine, held under pressure in the chamber to increase reliability.

There is nothing like kinetic reinforcement to teach proper use of cover; nothing like getting hit to teach personnel how to avoid life-threatening mistakes. The problem with live fire is that it requires static targets on special ranges, and the targets don't fire back. Lasers give the noise and recoil of live-fire, but lack that kinetic reinforcement on the receiving end and require expensive blank cartridges. But training with marking and non-marking spherical gelatin capsules - paintballs, customized for your training - allows you to train in any facility...and get that kinetic feedback!

The T68 Gen7 is a critical part of that training because it exactly reproduces the look, feel, and user controls of your issue carbines. From the new thumb-rotated fire selector switch to the multi-position collapsible stock, charging handle, and sight configuration, the T68 is as real as it gets in compressed air powered training tools. With its mil-spec M1913 accessory rails, you can install any accessory with M1913 mounts - sights and lasers, lights and illuminators, your duty carbine's carry handle or an optional one from RAP4...

Outfit your T68 Gen7 just like the carbine in your cruiser. Revel in the authenticity, and make use of the starboard velocity adjuster, First Strike �compliant magwell, and other features unique to the T68 Gen7. Then train like you've never trained before.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!