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T68 Gen7 M4 Assault Rifle

T68 Gen7 M4 Assault Rifle

RAP4 is proud to announce the new T68 Gen7, representing technical improvements to a proven design! With a new fire selector switch taken straight from the M16 family, to an airflow-adjustment port for tweaking velocity and a new option for tactical sling attachment, the T68 Gen7 is truly state-of-the-art.

RAP4 started with the award-winning T68 body and redesigned it to add two great new features: a starboard velocity adjuster for fine-tuning your feet per second throughout the day, and an enlarged feed port for accepting First Strike rounds.

Now when the weather warms up and you start shooting just a little bit hot, you can quickly dial down the airflow to get back to field-legal. If your velocity drops off when you switch to smaller paint, no worries - open up the airflow a little and get back your lost range! The rear velocity adjuster takes you from 225fps up to 300fps, and the starboard adjuster helps you go foot-by-foot until you're at optimum performance.

When you want extreme range and accuracy, switch from regular paint to First Strike rounds - also available from RAP4. The flared port inside the magazine well of the T68 Gen7 is designed specifically to accept First Strike rounds...and also new from RAP4 is a First Strike –compliant magazine to keep 18 shots ready under spring pressure.

You'll need to replenish the air source some time, and that's when you reveal one of the T68 Gen7's biggest secrets: the onboard air source hidden within the stock. Slide the multi-position stock off of the marker, press a release button, and the stock's mounting rail comes right out. Then grab the 4.5oz CO2 tank, or 88gram disposable CO2 canister, and unthread it directly from the rear of the receiver. 13ci compressed air tanks don't even need to be removed - just hook a hose up to the quick-fill nipple and pour air inside.

As a brand new, optional accessory, RAP4 offers the T68 Gen7 with a rear sling attachment point integrated into the collapsible stock interface. This puts a one inch M1913 accessory rail onto your stock adapter so you can mount a host of RAP4 and mil-surplus tactical slings!

From the air-flow adjustment to the quick-detach stock rail, the fire control switch to the flared magazine port, the T68 Gen7 represents cutting-edge technical improvements to an award-winning design!

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