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T68 Gen7 - Realistic Paintball Gun

T68 Gen7 - Realistic Paintball Gun

Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the hyper-realistic T68 Gen7. From the collapsible stock to the birdcage flash hider, this is as real as you can get for an M4 reproduction paintball marker...and the new Gen7 is packed with innovations that truly set it apart.

There is no feeling quite like lining up the iron sights atop the T68 Gen7, then putting that front post right on your opponent's chest. The anticipation, the excitement...the player downrange in the camouflage with the tactical vest and the realistic marker could be a terrorist guarding a compound outside Kandahar, or a narco guerrilla deep in the Colombian jungle. This is what you live for - raising your M4 in the shadows and living the adventure of a Recon Marine or Navy SEAL deep in hostile territory.

So you have to have the right equipment...like the T68 Gen7.

With a multi-position collapsible stock, the ability to accept either hoppers or interchangeable spring-loaded 18 shot magazines, and the all-weather reliability of pure mechanical function in an all-metal receiver, the T68 Gen7 gives tactical gamers exactly what you need to succeed all season long.

When you shoulder a real M4 and click the safety into "fire," your thumb rotates a fire selector switch on the port side of the receiver...the same as on the T68 Gen7. To chamber the first round, you pull back a charging handle below the carry handle...the same as on the T68 Gen7. M4s come with short hand guards that can be had in all manner of configurations, from ribbed to laden with accessory rails...just like the T68 Gen7.

In fact, RAP4 makes bright red and bright blue aftermarket hand guards and stocks for the T68 Gen7 just so police can tell the difference between their duty carbine and their tactical training marker!

That's the level of hyper-realism you want when you let your imagination run wild at a scenario game. Live the game...be the game. And shoot the most realistic reproduction of the M4 ever available: the T68 Gen7.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!