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T68 M16A2 Generation 2

T68 M16A2 Generation 2

RAP4 is proud to introduce the newly redesigned T68 M16A2 Gen2. The new design of the T68 M16A2 Gen2 improves power, accuracy and durability over previous models--and has an A1-style carry handle, bayonet lug, and birdcage flash hider muzzle break!
The new T68 M16A2 Gen2 has a new air intake design for better airflow and increased volume inside the chamber. With an improved bolt design, the T68's power and consistency are drastically increased!
The T68 M16A2 Gen2 features our new 16" Double Threaded Rifled Barrel. The bore of the barrel is cut and grooved the full length of the barrel to help stabilize the paintball during acceleration. These cuts look like ten sets of tiny train tracks. The track portion is called the land, and the portion that is cut away is called the groove. RAP's engineers explain that the purpose of the land and groove pattern is to "glide and guide" the paintball down the bore, as well as provide a "spin-free projection" to stabilize the paintball in-flight for greater accuracy.
T68 M16A2 Gen2s have improved hammers and sears--the parts considered to be the heart of all blowback paintball markers. The hammer and sear system used in T68 M16A2 Gen2s are redesigned with harder steel to increase overall durability.

Our engineers have outdone themselves with this one, and with the Gen2 technology, truly made the T68 M16A2 the best it can be. It has the look you want, and the performance you need!
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