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T68 M4 Air In Stock System For Military Training

T68 M4 Air In Stock System For Military Training

RAP4 is proud to introduce the Internal Flexi-Air System with compressed air in-stock refill capability for the T68 M4 Series Paintball Gun. This air system comes with a 3000psi refillable cylinder that is hidden inside the butt stock. You can refill the tank quickly and easily without removing the stock! This is a convenient, functional, high-performance option for law enforcement and military agencies. With this system you can use the compressed air refill stations and scuba tanks that most agencies and fire departments already have. With the Internal Flexi-Air System with compressed air tank, you cut ongoing operational costs by making use of the compressed air systems you already have - no more disposable cylinders or bulk CO2 storage.

This system makes it easy for departments to train, and completely eliminates the need for an external compressed air bottle - maintaining the balance, cosmetics, and ergonomics of the training marker. It has a built-in refill valve that can be attached to refill the cylinder without having to remove it from the marker. Now, on-marker tank refilling is quick and easy, taking less than a minute to completely refill. This configuration allows agencies to train continuously without downtime, and allows more trainees to pass through the training lane.

Do you train in remote areas where air compressors are unavailable? This system makes refilling fast and simple with a portable refill kit and the bulk compressed air tanks you already own. With light and compact portable refill tanks, agencies and departments are able to train virtually anywhere.

Even though the extendable stock houses the air tank, the butt stock has 10 adjustable positions for maximum comfort for shooters of vastly different sizes and dress - cotton shirt through winter layers.

The Internal Flexi-Air System enables you to train without the hindrance of an external air tank. The compressed air in-stock refill capability allows you to fill from portable fill stations and transportable bulk air containers, to take your training on the road anywhere your training officer demands. With RAP4, your training is as real as it gets.