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T68 M4 Firestorm Durability and Speed

T68 M4 Firestorm Durability and Speed

RAP4 is proud to introduce the T68 M4 Firestorm, a mil-sim marker with the firepower of an electro, the all-weather reliability and long-life durability of a mechanical marker, and the exact look and feel of an M4 rifle!

The T68 M4 Firestorm is engineered from the immensely popular T68 mechanical marker body, and made even better with the integral A3-style flattop rail. An M4-style carry handle with integral metallic sights comes included with the T68 M4 Firestorm, and if you want to use optical sights just remove it with your fingers (no tools needed) and mount your optic directly onto the receiver - just like the current generation M4 rifles in use around the world.

Adjust the T68 M4 Firestorm's length of pull from a compact tactical length, to perfectly sized for precise long range shots, by adjusting the multi-position collapsible stock - one of the most recognizable features of the M4 rifle. You even cock the marker with the M4-style cocking handle that rides atop the receiver; the ergonomics and controls are identical to the military rifle!

Carry the T68 M4 Firestorm into any game with confidence. The select-fire electronic trigger group gives you complete control to select true semi-auto, burst, or full-auto fire modes. When the mission gets extreme, or the weather turns bad, fear not for your marker. The T68 M4 Firestorm preserves the strength, durability, and ruggedness of its original mechanical design, giving you the best of both worlds: an electro's speed with a mechanical marker's toughness.

From flash hider to collapsible stock, detachable magazine to detachable carry handle, the T68 M4 Firestorm is the perfect paintball replication of the M4 rifle. With the firepower of electronics and the heart of a mechanical marker, The T68 M4 Firestorm is the most devastating and durable choice for extreme scenarios.

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