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T68 M60 Animal Mother

T68 M60 Animal Mother

RAP4 is proud to equip you for the hottest scenarios, with the best equipment. When you're ready to storm the jungles like they did in "Full Metal Jacket," to lay waste to your opponents in style, RAP4 has the perfect
new marker: the T68 M60.

That's right - the big, fierce general purpose machinegun carried by Animal Mother and used to great effect in cinema as in reality, now has a paintball twin. Live the dream of suppressing an entire sector with accurate, sustained fire,
with the all-new RAP4 T68 M60.

"You might not believe it," said 8-Ball in the movie, "but under fire Animal Mother is one of the finest human beings in the world. All he needs is somebody to throw hand grenades at him the rest of his life." Are you that cool under
pressure? Are you handy with a marker in the thick of the action?

Find out this season when you load 250 paintballs into the T68 M60's detachable box magazine and take to the field. You'll have more than a hopper's worth of paint right there, fed under constant tension into your T68 M60 so that every
time you pull the trigger there's a ball in perfect alignment waiting to fly downrange. That's the kind of reliability Animal Mother counted on with his belt-fed M60 squad machinegun; it's the same reliability real Marines, soldiers,
sailors and airmen count on from their M60s in combat zones around the world.

And when you run out of paint, detach the RAP4 Box Magazine and swap in a fresh one - as fast as changing a magazine, you're back in the action with another 250 shots. If you like reloading from tubes, get back in the action faster than
changing the belt on an M60 by clicking open the loading port on the RAP4 Box Magazine and dumping more paint right in...it'll be ready instantly, and the clear paint-indicator window on the rear of the RAP4 Box Magazine helps you know
exactly when to reload again.

With a 400 round per minute cyclic rate in full auto, the T68 M60 can put a lot of suppressive fire downrange...and with the RAP4 Box Magazine pushing each round into the chamber, you won't chop a ball.

Animal Mother liked to shoot from the hip - literally and figuratively, making it up as he went along and relying on his M60 to back him up. Now you can charge bravely into the jungle with the confidence that comes from packing that kind
of heat. Load up your T68 M60, strap an extra RAP4 Box Magazine or some pods to your vest, and let the good times - and the cameras - roll!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!