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Tacamo Bolt Conversion kit for BT/Valken Now Available!

Tacamo Bolt Conversion kit for BT/Valken Now Available!

Modern Combat Solutions proudly introduces the easiest, most economical way to get into magazine-fed paintball: with the Tacamo Bolt Conversion Kit for BT and Valken marker you already own. Designed to replace the body panels on select markers with an upgraded, magazine-compatible body, the Tacamo Bolt Conversion Kit utilizes the proven internal components of your marker, along with the grip frame and trigger assembly, to retain the reliability and ergonomics you already enjoy.

We developed this magfed conversion kit so that you can easily upgrade your BT/Valken marker to a true magfed setup, and start utilizing the most popular detachable magazines in paintball: the DMAG and DMAG Helix. With the Tacamo Bolt Conversion Kit installed, you’ll qualify to play in Modern Combat Sports games and other magfed-only events. These low-cost, extremely reliable magazines are the industry standard for good reasons.

With a full-receiver-length Picatinny accessory rail, the Tacamo Bolt Conversion Kit can accept the optics and manual sights, illuminators and designators, and other accessories that your missions require. Most accessories for the Tippmann 98, BT-4, SW-1, and Blackhawk markers work extremely well on the Tacamo Bolt, so get creative!

The receiver is threaded for Tippmann A-5 barrels, meaning that it’s compatible with one of the widest barrel ranges on the market. The magwell accepts any capacity DMAG or DMAG Helix magazine, so you can standardize the magazines in your arsenal…and swap them around in a firefight to keep your squad in the game!

We keep the cost low so you can try magfed on a budget, or outfit your backup marker to run a magfed setup. Our beta testers like converting their backup guns with the Tacamo Bolt Conversion Kit so they have a loaner for friends who want to join them in Modern Combat Sports games, and they appreciate the peace of mind that they can get right back on the field with their Tacamo Bolt should anything happen to their primary magfed gun.

Really clever players can also outfit their Tacamo Bolt-converted marker for specialized operations, such as night ops or CQB. Load it out for a specific role, and as the battle progresses, you can stow your primary magfed marker, pick up your Tacamo Bolt, and get right back in the action with a completely mission-adapted magfed marker…

…that doesn’t break the bank.

This exciting upgrade with completely change the way you play, and we’re proud to make it accessible to everyone. Are you ready to play better?

Join the fight with Modern Combat Sports!

2016-3-1 20:47:25