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Tacamo Bolt Release Date!

Tacamo Bolt Release Date!

Modern Combat Solutions wants to get you on the field with an exciting, reliable, magazine-fed marker…under $140. We’ve done that with the Tacamo Bolt, a semi-automatic, magfed powerhouse that utilizes the proven internal components and inline, open bolt design found on the most reliable and robust markers out there. Around these proven parts, we built a body with familiar lines, some ergonomic engineering, and one very clever upgrade: the ability to accept DMAG and DMAG Helix magazines.

We even include a 20 round DMAG Helix, and still keep the price under $140. If that’s not exciting enough, check out these features.

A lot of Tippmann 98, BT-4, and Valken SW-1 accessories work great on the Tacamo Bolt as well, and they’re easy to find. You probably have some already, so get creative. The receiver is threaded to accept Tippmann A-5 threaded barrels, which empowers you to choose the perfect mission-adapted barrel from one of the widest ranges in the industry…which probably includes several you already own. Thread them on, and go get some glory.

The Picatinny accessory rail runs the full length of the receiver and is just waiting for you to add sights (like the manual sights that come in the box), your choice of optic, or other accessories…and there’s a subtle, half-length dovetail rail for optics with the dovetail mounting system. However you need to outfit your Tacamo Bolt, we’ve got you covered with one extremely well designed, and well made platform.

We even manufacture them right here in the United States, under strict quality control, to make sure they perform as good as they look.

Each Tacamo Bolt is capable of accepting either standard DMAG or DMAG Helix magazines, so you can easily standardize mags across different markers in your arsenal, and on your team. These low-cost, reliable magazines are the industry standard, so we built the Tacamo Bolt’s magwell just for them. That makes it easy to keep a Tacamo Bolt in your gear bag as a backup marker, since it’ll accept your primary magfed marker’s DMAGs, along with most of its accessories. Trick out a Bolt to suit particular missions, like night ops or close quarters battle, and when it’s time to transition, all you need to do is pick it up and go—the mags in your vest will work just fine.

Or keep a Tacamo Bolt on hand as a loaner marker, so your friends can try magfed only games right alongside you. That kind of backup is hard to beat, and impossible to get if they don’t have magfed gear already…so hand them your Bolt, and go get tactical.

We want to see how you build up and mod out your Tacamo Bolt, so once you’ve got a setup dialed in, take some pictures and share them on our Facebook page. There are so many ways you can adapt this platform, that we can’t wait to see where you go with it.

Order now to reserve one of the first Tacamo Bolt units. They ship later this month, and once they hit the mail, they’re going everywhere…so now’s the time to get in on that first wave.

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2016-02-19 19:11:53