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Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits Are Now In Stock

Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits Are Now In Stock

RAP4 is proud to announce that the Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits are now back in stock! After filling all pre-orders, the third batch of Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits are now in stock...but already they're going fast!

These Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits are the hottest, most innovative scenario and woodsball upgrade on the market this season. Players around the country and across the globe are discovering the ultra realism of mag-fed-only paintball, where players use detachable 20 round magazines that have the authentic look, feel, and ammunition capacity of the real deal...instead of bulky, noise, heavy hoppers that obscure your line of sight.

With the Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits, players who depend on a Tippmann, BT, or US Army marker can quickly and easily convert their marker from standard configuration to an intensely realistic mil-sim configuration that accepts detachable magazines just by swapping out the clamshell body halves and replacing them with those in the kit.

Thousands of players are working right now to remove the internal parts from their marker and install them in the Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kit. Once the parts are installed - about a five minute procedure - the marker works exactly like the original Tippmann, BT, or US Army marker worked...

...but it's now in a sleek, hopper-less body that accepts realistic detachable magazines!

When you absolutely have to carry a hopper's worth of paint, you still don't have to resort to an ugly, clumsy hopper - you can dig the M249 SAW styling of the Gen4 Box Magazine! With a capacity over 250 balls, this polymer box magazine features the Nautilus Drive that stacks paint outside the chamber and then forces it inside under constant pressure so that you have a ball ready for every shot, every time, from every angle...all while holding more bulk paint than a hopper. Since it's patterned after the M249 SAW's linked-ammo box, it has the realistic size and shape you demand...and feeds through the magazine port on your Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kit!

Certain Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits - like those for the X7, Alpha Black, and BT markers - even come with full-length RIS rails atop the receiver so you can add your favorite optic, laser, light, or other RIS interface accessory!

These kits have sold out twice already. This third batch has arrived just in time for players preparing for the kind of winter weather where their Tippmann and similar markers excel...and with the Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kits, their markers will rule the field.

Get in on the cutting edge before this batch sells out, too...and if you're planning to give one as a gift during the upcoming holiday season, you'd better get on it while we still have them in stock!

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