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Tacamo MKP-II $399 Deal

Tacamo MKP-II $399 Deal

RAP4 wants to help you gear up for 2014's hottest scenarios with the most sought-after configurations of our amazing MKP-II magfed paintball gun...and to make them more accessible than ever, we're proud to announce four extremely hot packages for only $399 each. For a limited time, you can save big on your choice of packages: the Assault, August Storm, Enigma, and Point Blank.

The MKP-II Point Blank package saves you the most, with a $175 markdown on an incredibly dramatic magfed marker. Like our other MKP-II magfed markers, the Point Blank combines Tippmann Phenom mechanical parts - the guts of a Tippmann - with our dramatic magfed MKP-II body, resulting in a marker of unparalleled reliability...with dedicated magfed operation.

Then the Point Blank receives the exclusive Tacamo SOCOM Internal Flexi Air Kit that allows you to run your air from the rear of the marker (while your opponents deal with tanks dangling from their grips). A fixed position buffer tube –style stock with padded foam cheek piece allows you to take careful aim, and the included sights reflect the latest military styling...so you can hit what you aim at, while keeping your MKP-II Point Blank looking, feeling, and handling, as real as it gets!

With our limited time offer, you can have that Point Blank in hand at your next game for only $399!

Also included in this incredible sale, the Enigma is ready to transition from a CQB magfed marker to one at home taking long shots across wide open spaces...courtesy of its military-inspired sighting system, medium-length barrel, and collapsing sub machinegun –style air-through stock. The stock retracts when you need an incredibly compact MKP-II for close quarters work, and extends for taking carefully aimed long shots. You can even hook your remote line to the rear of the marker, keeping things light, compact, and easily maneuverable.

The August Storm features a skeletonized tube-style stock with ergonomically contoured butt pad. Incoming paint can pass right through the stock if you get blindsided, and its modern design looks great while keeping your MKP-II exceptionally light.

The Assault is ready to inspire you with an SCAR-style side-folding stock with adjustable cheek piece, and flip-up sights. With a special barrel forearm shroud that features RIS rails on all four sides, you also get a full-receiver-length top rail for mounting optics, lights, and lasers...and of course, the reliability of those Tippmann Phenom internals inside our cutting edge MKP-II mechanical body.

Each package is only $399. Each package features those genuine Tippmann Phenom parts. Each package is designed to help you dominate the field in the most exciting and realistic magfed style available. So which one do you need?

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

2013-12-19 8:11:42