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Tacamo MKP-II At Brothers Grimm Scenario Game!

Tacamo MKP-II At Brothers Grimm Scenario Game!

RAP4 wants to take you along for the ride as our field tester Finch, of team Lock Down, responds to an urgent call for backup at the Brothers Grimm scenario game. The marker he rushes into battle with is the MKP-II, loaded with a twenty round DMag and protected with our Lok Bolt. He charges until incoming paint encourages him to duck into a foxhole and return fire!

Notice that when Finch is on his back in a reclined seated position, firing his MKP-II at a slight angle, the balls fly true and the action cycles smoothly without chopping a single ball. That reliability - at an angle, and during a quick rate of fire - is thanks to the Lok Bolt and the inherent design of our DMags. Together, they protect him from the kinds of mechanical problems that manifest with gravity-feed hoppers (even agitated ones) and other markers of all feed types.

The DMags use spring-powered followers to push a stack of paintballs into the MKP-II's chamber, as they do on all magfed markers set up for DMags. These springs hold the paint in the chamber under slight pressure, ensuring that the balls don't roll out of perfect alignment with the bore. That alignment is critical to ensuring accuracy and reliability, especially since a ball that is more than just a few millimeters out of alignment will likely be smashed ("chopped") by the bolt - the most common cause of paint breaking inside of your gun.

Since chopping is just about the worst thing that can happen to your marker in the field - it usually takes you out of the action until you can field strip your marker and thoroughly clean the chamber, bolt, and barrel - we're proud that the DMag helps eliminate that problem. We also engineered a failsafe, all-weather device to further protect your marker from chopping: the Lok Bolt, available for all of our MKP markers and the 468.

When Finch tilts his MKP-II over on its side to a more ergonomic position, given his body's contorted position in that foxhole, he has absolute confidence in its reliable function...because the Lok Bolt senses when his paint is fully and properly seated in the chamber, and only then does it allow the bolt to close (when he pulls the trigger). The Lok Bolt is a simple lever that an intact, properly seated paintball pushes out of the way. There are no electronic "eyes" to be damaged or circuitry to fail...just a purely mechanical system that works in all weather.

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2013-11-23 23:53:15