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Tacamo MKV Ergo 1

Tacamo MKV Ergo 1

RAP4 is proud to introduce the Tacamo MKV Ergo 1. The MKV Ergo 1 is one of the most ergonomic, and intensely customized, milsim markers available. Our engineers started designing this marker around our industry-leading MKV Mag-Fed Conversion Kit and Tippmann A-5 internals. Together, these rugged components combine to create the soul of this mag-fed marker, and allow it to operate, handle, and even look, just like a real duty-issue carbine. The interchangeable magazines hold paint under light spring pressure, pushing them into the chamber and holding them there to ensure proper function at even the highest cyclic rates...and to make sure you have a round in the chamber each time you pull the trigger.

To give you maximum firepower, we include two magazines with each MKV Ergo 1, and a RAP4 Double Magazine Clamp - just like those used in the field right now - so that you can carry that spare magazine right there, barely an inch away from the chamber, ready to be swapped in at the push of the mag-release button.

But the real story of the MKV Ergo is in the radically ergonomic styling that starts with the contoured rubber grips used on the pistol grip. We include an MKV Ergonomic Interface Trigger Guard that gives you a comfortable, two-finger gripping surface on the front of the trigger guard for controlling the muzzle and tracking moving targets while tucking your arms into your body for the tightest profile ever...which keeps you safe from incoming fire.

Want to stretch your arms a little? The Mid Length Tactical RIS Handguard features four lengths of RIS rail, to which you can attach the (included!) RIS Vertical Grip. To make that handguard ergonomic and comfortable to hold - not to mention, providing snag-free service in thick brush - we thoughtfully include Stingray RIS Rail Covers.

That handguard shrouds a 14" Recon Rifled Barrel that is crowned with an M177 Whisper Muzzle Brake.

We don't want you to have to mess with bulky air tanks, or even with remote lines on the most ergonomic marker we've designed...so we put that air system right onto the MKV Ergo 1, concealed within a multi-position collapsible stock! The stock conceals your choice of onboard air source, including a 13ci 3000psi HPA tank, or a 5oz CO2 tank! The stock extends and collapses to accommodate your tactical vest or other bulky clothing, to provide a custom fit every time.

Everything about the MKV Ergo 1 is custom, and designed for performance and your comfort!