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Tacamo Revolutionary MKP/Hurricane Lok-Bolt

Tacamo Revolutionary MKP/Hurricane Lok-Bolt

RAP4 is proud to now offer our revolutionary Lok Bolt™ for the MKP/Hurricane . We appreciate our legions of magfed players, and by popular demand, have engineered the revolutionary Lok Bolt™ for your Made in USA MKP/Hurricane markers and Tacamo MKP/Hurricane Magfed Conversion Kits. The Lok Bolt™ eliminates even the possibility of chopping paint...and brings the MKP-II up to the same rate of legendary reliability as our game-changing 468.

The Lok Bolt™ is a truly revolutionary anti-chopping device because it offers dependable chop-eliminating performance in a completely mechanical package. Competing anti-chop technology relies on lasers and circuits, batteries and wires and other things that can break, deplete, and otherwise fail you when you need them most. That’s why we started from scratch to build a purely mechanical, completely foolproof, and deceptively simple anti-chop device that you can absolutely count upon.

The result is our Lok Bolt™. Utilizing a simple lever that is engaged only by a paintball properly seated in the chamber, the Lok Bolt™ keeps your bolt from closing on any partially-loaded paint...or on an empty chamber. That means that you can fire as fast as you want - with a quick trigger finger or an electronically enhanced firing mode (as with Tippmann Phenom MKP/Hurricane conversions) - without chopping.

The bolt hold-open function of the Lok Bolt™ also increases the realism of your MKP-II marker, which is crucial for the law enforcement agencies and military operators who use them in training. With no ball in the chamber, the Lok Bolt™ keeps your bolt from coming home on an empty chamber...perfectly mimicking the bolt hold open (after the last round is fired) function of duty-issue firearms. Just like on an M4 or M16 rifle, you insert a fresh magazine, cycle the charging handle to disengage the bolt hold open device on your rifle (or Lok Bolt™ on your marker, if you pulled the trigger on that empty chamber), and you’re back in business...

...with absolute confidence that your paint will load and cycle properly.

Charge their lines. Clear their base. Capture the objective...with confidence. That’s as real as it gets, thanks to the MKP/Hurricane and its Lok Bolt™!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

2013-10-23 18:23:09