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Tacamo RPK Paintball Markers

Tacamo RPK Paintball Markers

Tacamo is your source for the ultimate woodsball equipment, including the all-new Tacamo RPK paintball marker. Designed for heavy gunners, light enough for offensive roles and suited perfectly for defense, the Tacamo RPK takes Tacamo's proven open-bolt receiver and adds accessories that transform it into a woodsball sensation.

The RPK machine gun was designed as a force-multiplier for the Red Army. Armorers built AK47 receivers into RPKs by attaching longer, more accurate barrels that achieved higher velocities, as well as the characteristic bipod and hatchet-style machinegun stock. The result was a squad automatic weapon with the same ergonomics, controls, and internals as the standard AK47, but also with the increased range, accuracy, and stability of a light machinegun. A 75 round drum finished it off, adding much higher onboard ammunition capacity between reloads than the standard rifle.

Tacamo remains faithful to this precedent both in cosmetics and function.

The 20" long RPK barrel features a protected front sight and muzzle break, and provides the attachment point for the retractable bipod. The wooden handguards, pistol grip, and RPK stock are dark-stained to blend into the shadows and disappear at night, and are identical to those used on real RPK machine guns. The 75 round drum mounted forward of the trigger guard completes the look of the Tacamo RPK, and provides excellent protection for your hands as you fend off hailstorms of incoming paint.

The Tacamo RPK has a standard hopper adapter that accepts hoppers of any size, from limited-paint 75 round hoppers that replicate the capacity of the RPK's drum magazine, to full- and plus- sized hoppers that hold hundreds of rounds. When you get into position with the Tacamo RPK, stabilizing your shots with the bipod and aiming them with the authentic sights, you will command the most authentic RPK experience available.

Tacamo Paintball - Rule the Field!