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Tacamo's AK47 - Just How You Like It!

Tacamo's AK47 - Just How You Like It!

The AK47 battle rifle comes in all sorts of varieties, the most popular of which Tacamo has engineered around the Type 68 action - the ultimate in pure-mechanical reliability...just like the real thing. When you're ready to play OpFor, a Soviet Bloc warrior or a South American kingpin, you need the Tacamo Type 68 AK-pattern paintball marker.

And now you can get it just how you like it.

The Tacamo Type 68 with Wood Stock is the classic AK-pattern battle rifle, adapted for paintball without losing any of its character. The real wood, full size buttstock provides a solid shoulder mount to get you on target fast and track your opponents as they run screaming through the open. The angle the stock attaches, just like on the real deal, allows you to get your face down low to the sight line. The real wood stock matches the wood panels used on the grip, and the wooden forearm, which completes the look in a very classy way. Lacquered and sealed, the wood is ready for any abuse you dish out - dings and dents only add more character.

The Tacamo Type 68 I features the same wooden furniture as the full-size Tacamo Type 68, but with a very important difference: an authentic under-folding buttstock makes this marker collapse down into a more compact package. Extend the stock when you need a stable shooting platform. Marvel at the news footage where you see real AKs in the field that look exactly like your Tacamo Type 68 I.

The Tacamo Type 68 II has wood-look polymer on the grip and forearm, and on a panel on the wire folding stock - just like the real deal. The magazine is even cast of the same hue, reflecting the trend now to cast plastic AK magazines in wood-look tan. Many countries have switched from wood furniture to polymer in constructing their AK-pattern rifles...and Tacamo has kept pace with the Tacamo Type 68 II. Boldly featuring that collapsible wire stock, the Tacamo Type 68 II is a solid choice for CQB and looks great wherever you play.

All Tacamo Type 68 markers are assembled in a facility that builds the real thing, by armorers who put them together side by side with many of the same parts. Play with a Tacamo Type 68 marker, and know how it feels to carry the real deal.

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