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Tactical Holsters: Real World Solutions

Tactical Holsters: Real World Solutions

Tactical Holsters: Real World Solutions

RAP4 introduces a new series of tactical gear specifically designed for paintball players. Custom created for paintball, we started at the ground level with performance as our primary goal in designing a new Tactical Leg Holster and Tactical Cross Draw Holster.

Tactical Leg Holster: This newly designed leg holster fits all paintball pistols, such as the T68, Black Bird, Zeus, Overlord, and PT Extreme. It features 2 pouches, one for an additional magazine and one in front to hold two ten-round paintball tubes. The new tactical leg holster is also available for left handed players!

Available color schemes include woodland camo, black, olive drab, dessert camo, digital camo, and coming soon: Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and Mossy Oak.

Leg Holster with Black Bird Pistol Leg Holster with Zeus pistol

Tactical Cross Draw Holster: The Cross Draw Holster attaches to the Tactical Paintball Vest. The holster has a universal design that works well with tactical vests, and features additional pouches for a magazine and ten-round tubes. The Cross Draw Holster improves player comfort by carrying the pistol on the body instead of in the way on your hip. A left hand version of the holster is also available! your backup marker right where you need it--a real world solution. With models available in left-hand configurations, they are a dream come true for left handed players and anyone who wants left hand access to your backup marker for dynamic charges!

Check out these amazing new holsters, and look at the best gear to slip inside of them: our Black Bird semiautomatic paint pistols. They're ready to ship in time for your next scenario.

RAP4--As Real As It Gets!