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The Hurt Locker Paintball Game

The Hurt Locker Paintball Game

RAP4 is proud to sponsor this spring's hottest paintball event: "The Hurt Locker," produced by Ultimate Paintball Wars and hosted by Paintball USA in Acton, California, this April 14th-15th. To help this awesome scenario live up to our motto, "As Real as it Gets!" RAP4 is going to litter the field with our RAP4 Landmines and arm a lot of players with mag-fed T68 and Tacamo Conversion Kit markers. Step on a RAP4 Landmine, and you'll get a rude surprise - a loud simulated explosion and burst of smoke simulation powder showing you that you've been eliminated.

The RAP4 Landmines add a whole new dimension of realism, as they behave just like real mines laid by, and encountered by, military forces around the world. The one exception: they're designed exclusively for tactical gaming and military training, meaning that they're safe to use. Set one off, though, and you're eliminated just as if you'd been shot. With a storyline that pits US forces against terrorists who are known for setting booby traps and laying mines, these RAP4 Landmines play right into the event's compelling storyline!

RAP4 will also bring an arsenal of mag-fed markers and cases of magazines, so players who are after the absolute height of realism can check out the unparalleled look, feel, and ergonomics of our magazine-fed markers. They'll get a chance to shoot, purchase, and maybe even rent, some of the hottest configurations we offer...and then see for themselves how RAP4 is changing the game!

"The Hurt Locker" will also see a new RAP4 product deployed on the fields: RAP4 Battlefield Scented Smoke! These tactical smoke grenades give off the smell of burning ash to add an even more realistic element to the action!

At this amazing event, commanders and players in the "intelligence officer" role will have unprecedented field intelligence - Ultimate Paintball Wars will deploy a Datron Communications unmanned aerial vehicle to spy on the action! This tablet-PC - controlled aircraft hovers virtually silently wherever the commander chooses to fly it, relaying live, color video back to its operators...so real military personnel get an eye in the sky that can see over fortifications, around corners, and monitor developments without being detected!

One of those UAVs will be flying around "The Hurt Locker," relaying real-time video back to team commanders...just like they currently serve for elite counter-terrorism teams!

For more information on RAP4 products that will be at "The Hurt Locker," visit: www.rap4usa.com

For more information on the event, and to sign up now, visit: www.ultimatepaintballwars.com

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!