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The Storm Has Arrived!

The Storm Has Arrived!

The Storm has arrived! showering players with Modern Combat Sports excitement…and paint. Lots, and lots, of paint. With the arrival in stores of Tacamo’s Storm, you now have access to cutting-edge magfed technology previously only available in beta to our military and law enforcement test personnel. The MKV Storm combines the feel, ergonomics, and handling of a combat carbine, while accepting standard .68 caliber paintballs and shaped projectiles for safe use in Modern Combat Sports and force-on-force training.

With the Tacamo Storm, you have options—lots of options. The Storm is compatible with an air-through stock that features multi-position adjustability and a cutting-edge design that recreates some of the latest military hardware, or if you want to run your tank below the grip, that’s fine—we engineered the grip frame, with its extremely ergonomic (and removable) rubber grip panels, to accept a bottom line setup. The choice is yours—air-through stock, bottom line, remote line connection forward of the trigger guard, or more. We want you to be able to fully customize your Storm

The receiver is threaded to accept your existing Tippmann-threaded barrels, and the wide range of Hammerhead and Recon barrels that we recommend for optimum range and accuracy. The handguard in front of the DMAG magazine well is an integral component of the body, to provide rigid, secure service—no set screws, no wiggle, no problems—that helps protect your barrel. Easily attach accessory rails to the KeyMod handguard to mount tactical foregrips and other accessories, or run with it slick (no rails) for the ultimate in high-speed, low-drag convenience.

Want the security of a purely mechanical anti-chop device, so revolutionary that it is proprietary to Modern Combat Solutions’ Tacamo and RAP4 products? Then you’ll appreciate the optional Lok-Bolt, a battery-free anti-chop device that ensures reliable function at even the highest rates of fire!

Make your opponents run for cover, ‘cause the Storm is here!

2015-11-8 17:24:39