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Tippmann Phenom Mag Fed Paintball Gun

Tippmann Phenom Mag Fed Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the all-new Tippmann Phenom Mag Fed Paintball Gun, which comes set up to use our spring powered, interchangeable DMags...and is ready to go right out of the box!

The Tippmann Phenom is one of the most respected markers available, and our engineers have made it even better with the addition of our Mag Fed Body. We take original, brand new Tippmann Phenom internal parts and combine them with our Mag Fed Body to create the most realistic Tippmann Phenom possible. With the magazine well designed to accept our new DMags, the result is a magazine-fed Phenom that looks, feels, loads, and handles, just like the real thing.

Our spring powered DMag magazines have the edge for reliability, as the stack of paintballs is held under constant spring tension. After each shot, that spring pushes a new ball completely into the chamber before the bolt can close again, reducing "chopping" from the bolt closing on partially-seated paintballs. This helps you achieve and maintain higher rates of fire, and gives you the confidence that a ball will be there in your chamber, right when you need it, no matter the angle at which you hold your marker...or how hard you run.

Our DMags are setting the standard for reliability, ease of use, ease of repair should you somehow damage one on rough terrain. They are also shockingly inexpensive - enough so that you can carry a vest full of loaded magazines and pass them to teammates when your missions run long.

Your new Tippmann Phenom Mag Fed Paintball Gun includes a 14 round DMag, and will accept any capacity DMag you use. The full-receiver-length top rail is ready to accept the optical sight or manual backup sight of your choice, and as a Phenom, is ready to accept the special stocks, forearms, and other components that make the Phenom such a popular paintball gun. We even have two configurations ready to go for you: one with a multi-position collapsible carbine stock, and one that is streamlined and ready for CQB.

Once you have your Tippmann Phenom Mag Fed Paintball Gun modified just the way you want it, take a few pictures and post them to our Facebook page. We want to see how you use your DMags...and how realistic you like your paintball guns!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!