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Top Shot Competition

Top Shot Competition

RAP4 is proud to announce our Top Shot Contest June 10th-13th at Oklahoma D-Day! This competition is completely free to enter, and we provide the 468 DMR rifle needed to test your skills on our interactive targets. The competition is modeled on military and police tactical marksmanship training, and you’ll be scored for both accuracy and time.

How fast can you beat the course?

We’re bringing together some of the most dramatic equipment in paintball to make this Top Shot Contest as real—and as fun—as it gets. You’ll be issued our 468 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), the latest version of the outstanding MagFed 468. The DMR has proven to give unparalleled accuracy and reliability by way of extraordinary velocity control, high quality barrels, closed bolt firing, and the extreme reliability of our latest MagFed magazines.

With the 468 DMR, you’ll have 7 rounds pre-loaded…and seven targets of varying size and shape at different ranges. When the buzzer sounds, engage them. Neutralize them. Move on to the next…

…as fast as you can.

It will take a perfect score to win. The 468 DMR is that good. Are you?

Your targets will be our new interactive, self-resetting targets for our RAP4 Indoor Range. Inspired by tactical targets used to train operators, and used extensively in tactical shooting competitions, these targets are scaled to provide the challenge of shooting at much farther ranges while being placed well within the effective range of paintball guns…and they automatically reset themselves after being hit!

Are you the Top Shot at Oklahoma D-Day? To prove it, find us in our deluxe spot in the vendor’s village, under the RAP4 banners, and sign up. We’ll set you up on our range, familiarize you with the 468 DMR, and see how fast you can blaze. The contest is open June 10th-13th, with the winner announced on June 14th.

So get some practice in with your 468, or the most accurate paintball gun you can find, because first place will be decided by the fastest time, measured down to the hundredth of a second. You must be good. You must be fast. You must be accurate.

We know the 468 DMR is…but are you?

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-05-13 17:24:34